Can you help me conserve water?
Definitely. I specialize in designing spaces with low water usage.  Lawns can be replaced with “Meadow grasses” and low water usage flowering perennials can take place of “English Gardens.”  In addition, sprinklers and micro sprayers can be converted to drip irrigation systems which are much more efficient.  I can also teach you or your gardener how to effectively use your irrigation controller, which will usually reduce your yearly water usage.

Can you help me lessen maintenance?
Reducing maintenance is often times a priority when landscaping a space.  I can design your yard to look beautiful, but only need major pruning and fertilization, seasonally.

What if I am on a limited budget, but still want to make my yard look picturesque?
While on a limited budget, there are still many items that can be done to make your yard look more beautiful.  I can make recommendations of projects you may be able to complete yourself to limit expenses or we can concentrate on a specific space with the possibility of transforming other areas of the yard in phases.

My house is for sale. Can you help me with “curb appeal?”
In order to have a lot of potential buyers walk through your front door, you need curb appeal. Whether it is a front yard redo or just a simple sprucing up, I can help you get it done in a timely manner. This way, you can be assured that the plants are in the correct locations and will not need to be soon replaced by the new homeowner.

Do you have your own installation crew that can install my design?
I work with local, professional landscape contractors who can bid the installation portion of the project. In addition, if you have another landscape contractor in mind, I can work with them as well. I recommend hiring me at hourly rate, on an as needed basis, to act as a liaison and answer any unforeseen questions during the installation process.  This will ensure that the design is installed properly.

I know I want to redo my yard but don’t know where to begin. Can you help?
Certainly. During the initial consultation, I will ask you questions to get a feel for your goals and desires for your given space.  Some of your goals may include an area for the children to play, more room for entertaining, less maintenance or more shade.  Once reviewing your goals, we can discuss your project budget to make sure they correlate. Then, you will receive a design proposal before making the decision to proceed.

I am not sure if I should contact a Landscape Architect or a Landscape Designer.
Generally speaking, the size, cost and design of the project differs between Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers. Please contact me and we can discuss the scope and size of your project and determine which best suits your needs.

Do you provide the first consultation at no charge?
During the initial consultation, we will go over your goals for the space and how those goals might be implemented. In addition, I will give you material options that might be appropriate based on style and budget.  This initial meeting fee is $135 per hour, with a one hour minimum.